First Circular Tanzania Geological Society 2018 Annual Meeting And Workshop

  • By Leonard
  • March 30, 2018 at 07:08

The Tanzania Geological Society announces the TGS 2018 Annual Meeting and Workshop on “The role of geoscientists in the Tanzania Industrial Development”. The workshop and meeting will take place in Dodoma in end of August 2018.

The workshop will cover EIGHT sub-themes (as listed below); we are inviting abstracts for ORAL and POSTER presentations that will fit to the listed sub-themes.

  1. Energy for industrial development
  2. Small scale mining in Tanzania
  3. Legal and regulatory framework in the Tanzania’s mining sector
  4. New updates in the geology of Tanzania
  5. Mine waste and water management
  6. Geo‑tourism and geo‑ethics for industrial sustainability
  7. Environmental management and conservation in extractive industry
  8. Entrepreneurship and innovation in extractive industry

Abstracts can either be submitted via email,, or via our website on registration portal. Registration process will be done online through our website, whereby the portal for registration will be open until 31st July 2018.

Registration fee for the workshop will be:

  • TShs 150,000 for TGS members
  • TShs 200,000 for non TGS members
  • TShs 50,000 for students

Payments of fees for the workshop should be done directly to TGS bank account:

Account name: Tanzania Geological Society (TGS)
Bank: CRDB Bank(UDSM Branch)
For local currency - TShs A/C No. 0150249195400
For foreign currency - USD A/C No. 0250249195400

Confirmation of payments for TGS workshop registration should be sent to For further inquiry please contact: Dr. Elisante E. Mshiu (0768 384430; and Dr. Emmanuel O. Kazimoto (