Tanzania Geological Society (TGS)

An organization of geoscientists in Tanzania in the industry, academia, government institutions and all persons interested in geosciences by profession.

What We do

Earth Resources Management
we promote the development of mineral, oil and gas, and water resources of Tanzania
Forum for Discussion
we provide a forum for discussion and dissemination of information and co-operation
Government Empowerment
we assist the government of Tanzania and its institutions in the acquisition and training of the specialized personnel for the purpose of meeting the Nation’s manpower requirements.
Earth Process Awareness
we promote the awareness and understanding of the earth and earth processes to the public.


Accelerating Blue Economy from Geosciences Perspective

Sub themes

  • Tanzania Mining Sector Expansion from Gold to Strategic Minerals.
  • Geotechnical Application in Petroleum, Mining, and Construction.
  • Contribution of Water to the National Economy.
  • Sustainable Coastal and Marine Tourism.
  • Deep Sea Resources, Exploration, and Development in Tanzania.
  • Green Energy Potentials, Development, and Technologies.
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Society Member Empowerment

We work towards the capacity building of Geoscientists

  • Annual Conferences
  • Excursions
  • Training
  • Short courses and Many Others

A Journal to keep you informed

The JGST publishes topical, high quality research on earth sciences focusing on development in geoscientific research, understanding of geological processes and earth resources.

  • Topical
  • High quality
  • Trusted Editorial team

Numbers Speak a stronger Message

Since 1969 we are growing stronger

Serving the industry and the nation.
  • 1070+

    Esteemed members

  • 26+

    Tanzania Regions Covered

  • 55

    Years of Existence

  • 9

    Leaders steering the society forward

TGS in Events

The society members do meet at specified dates for societal activities