Second Circular - Tanzania Geological Society (TGS) 2017 annual meeting and workshop

  • By Leonard
  • August 09, 2017 at 08:32


  • Registration
  • Registration Fee for workshop
  • Oral and Poster Sessions
  • Workshop abstracts
  • Committees and Responsibilities
  • Workshop & Annual Meeting Schedule
  • Pre and Post workshop excursions

The Tanzania Geological Society announces the TGS 2017 Annual Meeting and a Workshop on “Geosciences and Sustainable Energy for Industrialization and Economic Development”. The workshop and meeting will take place in Mtwara town in end of August 2017, from 26th August to 1st September 2017.

The workshop will cover SIX sub-themes as listed below; we are inviting abstracts for ORAL and POSTER presentations that will fit to the listed sub-themes.

  1. Geothermal energy for sustainable development: exploration and development
  2. Local content in extractive industry: exploration, development and production
  3. Health, safety and environment in extractive industry
  4. Geosciences in oil and gas sector in Tanzania: exploration, exploitation and management
  5. Strategic mineral deposits: exploration and mining
  6. Geoethics and geotourism

Registration process will be done online through our website, this webpage will be open for registration until 28th July 2017. Payments of fees for the workshop should be done directly to our bank account. Details below:

CRDB Bank (UDSM Branch)

Account name: Tanzania Geological Society (TGS)
For local currency - TShs A/C No. 0150249195400
For foreign currency - USD A/C No. 0250249195400

Confirmation of payments for TGS workshop registration should be sent to

For further inquiry or in case of a problem, please contact
Dr. Elisante E. Mshiu (0768 384430; OR
Dr. Emmanuel O. Kazimoto (0786 075602;

Registration Fee for workshop

Fee in TShs (and USD) is as follows:

Early bird Late Full Registration On Site Registration
Non-member 250,000 (250) 300,000 (300) 300,000 (300)
TGS members 200,000 (150) 250,000 (200) 250,000 (200)
Student 75,000 (100) 100,000 (150) 100,000 (150)
Oral and Poster Sessions

The oral and poster session will be focusing on the mentioned sub-themes. The standard for the poster is A0 format (Potrait, Width 841 x Height 1189 mm). Everyone will have a place for his or her poster.

Workshop abstracts

Abstracts will be accepted for either oral or poster presentation. After submission all abstracts will be reviewed and accepted by the scientific committee and successful authors will be notified. Please indicate your preference when submitting. All abstracts should be submitted with registration forms in our portal link. Abstracts that will be submitted by e-mail will not be accepted.

The deadline for abstract submission is 6th July 2017.

Committees and Responsibilities

Sub‑Committee Committee Leader/s
Workshop secretariat Dr. Elisante Mshiu
Editorial committee Dr. Emmanuel Kazimoto
Dr. Kasanzu Charles
Dr. Cassy Mtelela
Venue, accommodation and transport committee Mr. Chone Lugangizya
Mr. Patrick Kivera
Ms. Melania Maqway
Social and Publicity committee Mr. Ernest Mulaya
Mr. Denis Dilip
Excursion and fieldwork committee Mr. John Gama
Mr. Didas Makoye
Workshop & Annual Meeting Schedule
26th August 2017
  • Arrival in Mtwara
  • Registration
Mtwara town
27th August 2017
  • 1 day pre-workshop excursion
Cultural - Mikindani, Mtwara
27th August 2017
  • Members arrival in Mtwara
  • Registration
Mtwara town
28th August 2017
  • Registration
  • Opening
  • Scientific Scientific
  • Cocktail Party
Mtwara town
29th August 2017
  • Scientific Session
Mtwara town
30th August 2017
  • Scientific Session
  • TGS Annual Meeting
  • Closing
  • Workshop dinner
Mtwara town
31st August - 1st September 2017
  • 2 days post-workshop excursion
Cultural – Mtwara town
Gas Field, Mnazi Bay in Mtwara
TPDC Madimba station in Mtwara
Pre and post workshop excursions

Costs for Pre and post workshop excursion will be as follows:

A. Cultural - Mikindani, Mtwara
in TShs and (USD)
- Member 10,000 (5)
- Non member 20,000 (10)
B. Mnazi Bay Gas Field and TPDC Madimba station in Mtwara
- Member 30,000 (15)
- Non member 50,000 (25)